Profile: Domaine Dugerdil, Dardagny, Geneva

From the top of the slope in Dardagny (see header photo) there is so much to see. There are the undulating vineyards, of course, and the sleeping-cat form of Mont Salève in the distance. Close by is a mystical place of geological importance — the end of the Jura and the beginning of the Alps. […]

Book Review: Wines of the French Alps, Wink Lorch (2019)

Wines of the French Alps: Savoie, Bugey and Beyond by Wink Lorch, Wine Travel Media (2019) Wink Lorch’s new book, Wines of the French Alps, is a slap in the face for those who bitch about the current state of wine writing or seek to trivialize wine expertise. This is a full-blown, old-school reference work with all the details a […]

Book Review: Roche et Vin: A la Découverte des Vignobles Suisses — Edited by Rainer Kündig (2018)

Roche et Vin — A la Découverte des Vignobles Suisses edited by Rainer Kündig  AS Verlag & Grafik (2018) When I moved to Switzerland from California, four years ago, I had some hard choices to make. Among them, what to do with my library of wine books. Forty years of collecting left me with hundreds […]

MUST Fermenting Ideas — Wine Summit Cascais 2019

Sometime around midnight, not far from Salamanca on an overnight train from Bordeaux to Lisbon, I took a moment to reflect on the fact that I’ve never been to a wine conference. I bookmarked this thought (for later self-recrimination), because my final destination on that sleepless, half-moon punctuated evening was MUST Fermenting Ideas in Cascais, which by […]

Grosse Arvine — One Man’s Mission

If you’ve ever entertained thoughts of resuscitating a barely breathing grape variety you may want to give Olivier Pittet a call. He’s a fine young man and a terrific winemaker who, in his spare time, lays it all on the line for a little known cultivar that may never be commercially viable. He will no […]

The Urban Vineyards of Zürich

When you explore the urban sprawl of Zürich it’s hard to imagine that in 1881 the hills were draped with vines and the local wine industry was in the midst of unprecedented prosperity. From 1851 to 1881 the canton’s vineyards expanded by one-third and revenue per hectare peaked at 29,000 CHF in today’s currency. That’s a […]