My Philosophy

This is a blog about wine I like. You won’t find negative reviews or hatchet-jobs here mostly because I respect the work that goes into making wine and because life is too short. If I don’t like a wine or a personality I just won’t write about it. Believe me there are plenty of positive stories to write and that is where I choose to focus my energy. I will enthuse when I’m enthused and I will remain silent when I have nothing good to say—talk to me off the record and I’ll be as critical of sloppiness and under achievement as the next guy but not on this blog.

That said, I will and do accept samples with the caveat that I won’t write about them if I don’t like them—it actually happens a lot—but I don’t solicit samples. All wine tasted is from four principal sources: purchased at retail (most of the time), unsolicited samples, trade tastings and winery visits. I always choose the wineries I want to visit. I don’t do “puff pieces” or commissioned work for paid placement on this blog or in the press with my name on it. I will write content for winery web-sites or promotions but always without attribution. I will not review the wines of those who have commissioned my work without a waiting period: say one year as there is no established precedent. I do not accept advertisement from wineries or their representatives. If something smells fishy or feels unethical I try to avoid it. I ask my readers to bring to my attention any questions they may have about methods, processes or practices that may impugn the integrity of this blog. It is, after all, a labor of love and not so much a commercial enterprise.

In future there is the possibility that I may accept click-throughs for wines I have already reviewed. This allows readers the opportunity to easily order the wine they read about on these pages from independent agents. This is mostly a convenience for readers although a small finders-fee is directed to me. If and when such an eventuality takes place it will be obvious to the reader.

Thanks for your attention and I hope you continue to enjoy this blog.


2 thoughts on “My Philosophy

  1. I would be pleased to have a short telephone conversation with you about trends in the swiss wine market due to covid
    I am with Global Data a London based publisher about packaging trends
    would you let me have your tel number so i can call you?
    Kurt Soezen

    for Global Data London
    +44 207 274 6227


    1. I’m not knowledgeable about trends due to COVID. I suggest contacting the individual canton’s wine and viticulture arms or the state schools Changins and Wädenzwil.


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