Ticino Wine Festival — 2016

Ticino Wine Festival—Le Richemond—Geneva—November 7, 2016 Despite many twists and turns, the current worldwide popularity of merlot remains unabated. It is the second most widely planted variety in the world—cabernet sauvignon is first—and is found in nearly every country where wine is made. It thrives on its own and plays well with others—high-end blends and […]

Mémoire & Friends: Zürich 2016

This year marks an end to the collaboration between Zürich’s Kongresshaus and the Mémoire & Friends annual gathering. One of the city’s most iconic facilities is headed for a retrofit and remodel while event organizers scramble for a new home. As of this writing there is still no secured venue which, sadly, places next year’s […]

Wine with Dinner: Randomly Chosen in October 2016

Nature is clockwork. Just as the grape harvest wraps up in Switzerland the temperatures drop. Fall is here and it is in the air. By all accounts 2016 looks to be another excellent harvest with fine, dry weather until the tail end of the season when there was quite a bit of rain. By that […]