The Urban Vineyards of Zürich

When you explore the urban sprawl of Zürich it’s hard to imagine that in 1881 the hills were draped with vines and the local wine industry was in the midst of unprecedented prosperity. From 1851 to 1881 the canton’s vineyards expanded by one-third and revenue per hectare peaked at 29,000 CHF in today’s currency. That’s a […]

Les Trésors du Vin Suisse — Basel 2019

The Trésors tasting and its sister — the more inclusive Mémoire & Friends tasting — are my favorite events on the Swiss wine calendar. Both events reside under the Mémoire des Vins Suisses (MDVS) umbrella — a marketing-related non-profit founded and nurtured by a group of wine-loving journalists, producers and enthusiasts. Both tasting events, and the parties […]

Water Into Wine: A Case Study

Water into wine — Jesus got it right, from one comes the other. But the real miracle at that wine-deficient wedding in Galilee was his judicious use of a scarce natural resource: one measure of water for one measure of wine. An enviable ratio in anyone’s book and one that today’s water-conscious winemakers would do well to […]