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As a native San Franciscan food and drink have always been at the center of my life. From the annual trips with my father to the vineyards and cellars of France to our family’s weekly Sunday dinners out at the celebrated restaurants of the day—Ernie’s, The Blue Fox, Doro’s, Amelio’s, The Mandarin, Vanessi’s and the like—life at the table was always an adventure and an event not to be missed. My working career began at my family’s restaurants La Bourgogne and Delices de France. There I learned the basic skills of service and hospitality. After university (UCSB) my direction turned to wine and I along with a partner developed the wine store Singer & Foy where the imports of Kermit Lynch were a specialty. Eight fortunate years at the amazing Chez Panisse Restaurant & Café followed and then the opportunity of a lifetime presented itself; the formation of a project, both bar and restaurant, known as César. It was truly an innovative amalgam and perhaps could have only occurred in Berkeley. Simple but authentic Spanish tapas served alongside a world-class list of wines and spirits and a cocktail service that anticipated and perhaps accelerated the raging cocktail phenomenon of today. Next up came a project very dear to me, Mighty Tavern. It was founded in the small community of Fair Oaks, California near Sacramento. There I learned the importance of bio-dynamics in agriculture from its practitioners and teachers, the staff of Rudolf Steiner College located less than a mile from the tavern. Love and marriage have since taken me away to my current life in Geneva, Switzerland where I reside with my wife Veronica and dog Felicia. I look forward to discovering the best there is to offer here in Switzerland and sharing with you, my readers, what I find.

Dennis Lapuyade

6 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Very funny story. I remember the slot car track and John Rodiak, and I believe I remember you, but I don’t recall the incident you mention. Sounds like me though, so you may be accurate. Yes, life takes many turns and some of them are interesting. I can’t complain about my life and I hope you can say the same. We’re all lucky to be here. Happy New Year.

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  2. I may have been the tall, very talkative girl who wrote your name in a heart with mine on the wall of the slot car place in chalk. And you may have come to my front door on Chico Court to demand I erase it. I think I also wrote the name of your best friend (whom I don’t remember – John?) in another heart; I remember the pair of you coming to the door, which was a bit nightmarish, as I knew I liked you both, but I just wasn’t sure which looked better on the wall. Why I imagined you wouldn’t guess I’d written it is…well, in my defense, it WAS 4th grade. And my grasp on reality versus warm, cozy fiction was always a little tenuous. I’d always wondered what had become of you after you’d gone off to school in France. Very glad to see the food and wine gene predominated and that you’re clearly well and happy. Cheers!


  3. Dennis-
    Same question as Jenny Tripp’s-
    Had you attended Buri Buri School with us in South San Francisco in the early 60s?
    You’ve lived quite an exciting life, it would appear.


  4. Dennis L, whom I remember very well from grade school? How pleasant to see your very much unchanged face, and to catch a glimpse of your further adventures. I had no idea. Happy New Year.


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