In Memoriam: Jacques Granges 1946-2016

Jacques Granges the iconic Pied Piper of biodynamics in Switzerland is dead following a tragic accident in his beloved vineyards above Fully. Monsieur Granges was known as an uncompromising champion of sustainable agriculture, worked tirelessly to improve the health and vitality of his soils and was an advocate for clean, minimally processed food and wine.

His own wines from the isolated Domaine de Beudon, while not always easy to taste, are consistently pure, electric and full of the life force chi. They are crowning examples of the kind of natural winemaking so much admired today.

He was mentor to a new generation of biodynamic practitioners including Marie-Thérèse Chappaz and Valentina Andrei each of whom is more than capable of sustaining his legacy.

He was recently the subject of a short documentary showcasing his joyful plight under the most difficult circumstances possible:

He is survived by his wife Marion.

Domaine de Beudon

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